The Honeybee

Although we rarely think about honey, the act of eating it has been around for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were often buried with jars of honey in their tombs, which even to this day are edible.

The process of making honey also makes it almost spoiler free. The bee stores nectar in it’s “honey stomach” then flies back to the hive and regurgitates it into the mouth of another bee which then adds new enzymes, and then this repeated several more times down the line until it’s that gooey golden syrup that we love.

It’s then stored in honeycombs for them to consume later during colder months when flowers are not available.



The Cricket

Crickets are an incredible source of nutrients, protein, and iron. Whereas here in the western world where we focus more on raising livestock for slaughter many other cultures around the globe eat insects due to their efficiency to produce. In fact, those that eat insects as a part of their daily diet is in the billions.

Although the custom of eating cricket pasta, flour, or even by themselves seems foreign to many, insects have already been used in our daily products for years.

In fact, red dye and some lipsticks are colored with the extracts from insects bodies and eggs.

Up until 2012, Starbucks used red dyes made from insects to color some of their products.

Welcome to Ent Tune

‘So much of what we presume to the be normal or even possible is based on the assumption of what isn’t. It’s preposterous to think that the bumblebee can fly only because no one has told it otherwise, so I implore you to take a similar approach to the entomophagy and not to presume wants normal but explore what’s possible.’

Ja’Von Latimore



Today Specials


A delicious freshly made spring roll packed with everything that you know and love, with the added benefit of protein packed meal worms.


Fresh leafy greens with tomatoes straight from garden tossed with a light dressing and sauteed mealworms

Main Entree

Nutritious and delicious. This little burger patty is packed with goodness that comes from it being made with crickets.


A fine & delicious Desert with a lingering taste of caramel, cream, and edible worms.


Entomology: Jav’on Latimore

So, what’s a seemingly normal girl like me thinking, going around eating bugs? Well, firstly I love insects. I find them fascinating. From there complex and intricate societies to their individual personalities.

When I was younger I developed an affinity for insects of all varieties, but unlike most kids, I never grew out of this sense of wonder. Even as an adult I could spend that entire day rolling over rocks and see what scurries out from underneath.

This fascination ultimately drove me to become an entomologist (the study of insects) which soon grew into the practice of entomophagy (eating bugs).

The simple truth of it is that this will most likely be an inevitable future for all of us. You see, we, as humans are incredibly taxing on the earth and its resources. In fact, if the rest of the world consumed as much meat as the US does every year, we would need six, that’s right 6, planet earth to sustain us.

Crickets take up very little space, can be grown incredibly quickly, and require very little in relation resources; and yet they have more protein pound for pound than beef.

It’s my goal to show western culture that the practice of eating insects isn’t gross, strange, foreign, or fun just as a dare among friends. It’s a truly a healthy, tasty, and sustainable way of life.



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